Anna Would

Franchisor of Starcast and Principal of Companies and Troupes.

Anna has 20 years’ experience in management, business development, selling and procurement.

Anna is no stranger to the performing arts world. Her love for performance has grown as a hands-on parent of a performing child. Anna understands how some of the proudest moments are watching your child shine on stage and collecting them from a fun filled class where they are bouncing with pride and excitement to show you what they have learnt and achieved.

Anna’s goal is to continue to provide an exceptional level of service, that is affordable, inclusive, and professionally executed whilst providing more opportunities for students to perform. As an award-winning performing arts school, Anna would like to support the franchises to help them reach their full potential whilst also looking for exciting new locations to grow the brand so more students can benefit from such a fantastic performing arts school.

Our Teachers


  • Starcast - You are the best!! We love you so much - you inspire, encourage and support those children to be the best that they can be - your love for the craft shines through you and ultimately them!! They are very blessed to have you steering them along their journey together. Our children make us all proud, but in no small part because of you and the amazing team you have with you!!

    -Elaine - Starcast Parent
  • I have trained with Starcast for 7 years now. I love the family environment, everyone supports one another and how everyone’s energy bounces off each other which pushes everyone to do the best they can. Starcast has completely changed my life for the better and given me so many opportunities, so if you have even the slightest feeling that you want to join just go for it!

    -Arian, Age 17 - Starcast Student
  • Starcast is magical!

    -James, Age 11 - Starcast Student
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