Top Tips for finding the perfect school!

Posted on 02/06/2020
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Choosing the perfect place to learn new skills and explore opportunities to thrive is never an easy task for parents. You want a safe space with top quality staff providing an excellent service. 

Here are Miss Kiri’s Top Tips for finding that special place for your little star to shine!

  1. Where can my child take a dance class?
    Finding a dance class that suits your child can be a lengthly process of trying a variety to get a real feel for the place, other students, atmosphere, lesson quality and good value for money (although your super star will be looking to have plenty of fun too!).
    Check out a schools social media platforms and website as this will give you a good guide into what a session could look like.
  2. Local Singing lessons
    Singing has been proven to boost confidence, which is great for any young star to have throughout all aspects of life. The release of endorphins gives singers a positive feeling and an energy boost. The act of learning a new skill, improving and being part of a group also helps to influence your confidence and self-esteem.
    Searching for the ideal place to help nurture these qualities is going to be important so grab a trial session and test it out for yourself. A top tip here is to take a look at the teacher leading the session has plenty of experience in the singing industry, this way you can be confident in what they are teaching. 
  3. Street Dance Classes in Wiltshire and Hampshire
    Street Dance Culture has a huge variety of knowledge embedded within it, so you’ll want to look for an experienced teacher with an abundance of knowledge and skills to reflect this. Do some research on local teachers with experience within the style and the teaching qualifications that run alongside this.
  4. Drama Classes for children
    Increasingly the power of drama is being recognised as one of the most effective ways to develop soft skills and emotional intelligence in children and young people, skills that are often not developed through the traditional education system. Drama promotes communication skills, teamwork, dialogue, negotiation, socialisation. It stimulates the imagination and creativity; it develops a better understanding of human behaviour and empathy with situations that might seem distant. It allows the development of a critical thinking and allows us to make better and more conscious decisions; it encourages us to use our bodies and our voices, it encourages and inspires us to say “no”, to stand for, to speak up.
    We are proud at Starcast to recognise this and provide such important lessons to hundred of students each week.
  5. After school activities for kids
    Let the fun begin! There are so many opportunities for children to get involved with nowadays, something of everyday of the week. Most children will want to join in the fun with their friends too and that can be one of the best tools to get the inside details of what children really think of the class. So why not dive in head first and try out as many classes to find the right one for your child. 
  6. Ways of keeping children active
    Running free, jumping through trees, dancing around the kitchen, singing at the top of your lungs are just some of the ways of keeping our minds and our bodies active!
    After schools clubs whether within school presides or outside are fabulous for boosting academic performance, improving life and social skills, creating safer – happier children, promoting healthy hobbies and encouraging brighter future’s. I’m sure we can all agree, these are the things we look for when searching for fun clubs for our children.
    Starcast have an abundance of weekly classes to help support your child creativity, expression and learning diligent life skills.
  7. Where can I find an acrobatics class?
    Look for a qualified studio with a respectable organisation such as Acrobatic Arts. This ensure the teacher(s) and the studio have been assessed and moderated for safety and knowledge. This in turn should place a piece of mind for you as a parent or guardian to know your child will be in safe hands whilst partaking in a class with lots of potential risks, but also lots of fun.
    Do you research on the school and the teachers and don’t be afraid to ask questions about class content if you’re ensure of what an acrobatic class entails.
  8. Adults Dance Classes and ways to keep fit!
    Dancing has this amazing ability to make you feel good, whilst keeping active, keeping our brains focused and burning some calories too. These types of classes are also fantastic for broadening your social horizons and spending time with other like minded individuals who are share the same sparkle of passion. Dance classes are so much more than just to move your body, its about exploration, expanding your knowledge about dance, testing your body physically to its highest capabilities but also allowing yourself to laugh during tougher times (we know exercise is a love hate experience for most).
    We are proud to offer a Adult Dance class which encapsulates all these qualities and provides a safe space for over 18 year olds to reignite their love for dancing, movement and music.