Starcast Dance Crew triumph at BDO Competition!

Posted on 01/02/2019
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Starcast Dance Crew is a 15 strong team of talented dancers focusing on authentic street dance styles and techniques and trained by principal, Kiri.
The Crew has been a unit for 2 years and their bond gets stronger and stronger as the years go by!

Crew rocked up to their first big competition in Chippenham in December, competing at one of the most recognised street dance organisations…..BDO.

Entering for the first time in the U14 Categories, the talented was high.

The day started at 8.30am full of excitement, hair spray, glitter and dutch braids! (minus Charlie, he has all the rest apart from the braids!)
Excitement grew, and Dance Crew were called up first in their category.

My palms were sweaty, knee’s weak, arms were heavy….(Eminem perfect describes that reshow adrenaline), nevertheless, its fair to say…Dance Crew…smashed it!! Regardless of the outcome, pride from beaming from my cheshire cat smile.


We watched the rest of the groups in our category, the competition was tough, but I had every faith these guys would do well. Their family ethos, passion and power is infectious and radiates through their bones.

The longing await for the results…felt like forever. But, in between we had Mere and Hannah take to the floor for the first time as a duo.
They were phenomenal, yes we’re bias but they stood their ground and made an impact on the floor. I couldn’t be prouder…even our awesome dance parents where the best cheer squad ever.

So moving forward what felt like 10 years, the results came and…..Starcast Dance Crew came 2nd an Mere & Hannah came in 3rd!!

Outstanding results, being judged by some of the industries most professional and up & coming professionals.

It’s fair to say…our first competition was a complete success!