How to Dance at Home and stay Internet Savvy

Posted on 19/04/2020
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Stay Safe Online with Starcast

We hope our online classes with Zoom will be a safe and enjoyable experience for all. Please follow our internet safety guidelines so we can ensure this.

  • Follow family rules and those set by the internet provider
  • Never enter a live class or chat without permission and guidance from your guardian
  • Do not screen shot or share any images or videos from the lesson of your teacher or other students without permission from Starcast or the lesson teacher
  • Never share your videos or photos without your parents permission
  • Be kind to others, online bullying will NOT be tolerated. We reserve the right to ban any person engaging in online bullying.
  • Never reveal personal information, such as address, phone number, school or locations to others online, especially strangers
  • Always tell a parent or trusted adult about any communication that was scary or hurtful
  • Never agree to get together in person with anyone met online without parent approval and/or supervision (especially during lockdown!)

Teachers have been instructed to have Zoom setting set specifically to protect our children. Disabled featureds will include:

  • Students will not be able to chat privately during the lesson
  • “Share Screen” only the teacher will be able to share screens
  • Locked lesson, once the lesson has commenced, lessons maybe locked. So please be on time to your lesson

Your teacher will guide you through this during the lesson, so dont worry if this is all to much to read…

Q) Why am I muted?

A) Once the lesson is ready to begin and we have greeted you – Teachers will have to “mute” you for the music to be heard clearly. When you are on mute, we can not hear you.

Teachers have control when to mute/unmute you. If you have questions, you can type it into the chat area or wave your hands in front of the camera (your teacher may have a different signal that you use). They can unmute you for you to ask a questions. You maybe able to hold down the space bar to temporarily speak to your teacher too.

Q) Why can’t I hear the music?/ why is the picture blurry?

A) There could be slight delays with music and voice depending on internet connection.
We found if you hook your device up to the internet directly with an “ethernet cable” you should recieve a stronger signal.

On your device, please ensure no other apps are running. This will also make a difference in speed with your connection.
If you have multiple people in the household using the internet at the same time, this can also make the connection lag.

Q) Why does the screen keep bouncing around to different people?

A) How to FIX the view: If you find your teachers scree or screen you wish to view  the most is bouncing around.

  • Set to “Gallery view” instead of “Speaker view” (top right) (“Speaker view” will highlight whoever is speaking/making noise, there it jumps around)
  • Click the top right corner of the persons screen to “spotlight/pin” the screen you wish to be the largest.


Q) Do I have to have my video/screen showing?

A) If you’re camera shy or not comfortable being on screen for everyone to view, you can turn your camera off. (on your screen box, look for the 2 dots top right and a menu will drop down). You will still be able to see your teacher and the other students in the class.

Have more questions?
Please don’t hesitate to ask.
We are so excited to dance with you!


How to Dance with Us at Home 

We are so looking forward to dancing with you from home!
Here are some steps to get you started and dancing safely

1. Get your dance uniform and hair ready! Wearing your uniform and your hair tied up will get you into the right frame of mind for lessons.
2. Some classes may require a mat or towel. Others, small props. You will hear this from your teacher if this is the case.
3. For technical classes, you may need to use the back of the chair as a barre.

1. Clear a safe dance space! With help/permission from your guardian, remove any items that could break, be kicked or tripped on like toys, computer wires & rugs. (please ask permission and gain help if you need to move furniture)
2. Remember, if you’re dancing on hard flooring, be careful not to slip – remove socks if necessary for your own safety.

Set Up:
1. Find a good space for your computor or device set up so you can see us hands free, but so the teacher can see you in full view, including your feet.
2. If you do not have enough space to execute certain moves “mark” the move to ensure your do not injure yourself or where appropriate make small adaptations to the movement.

Ready to dance? Here’s how to set up “zoom

in 4 easy steps!

First, you will need internet and a device, you can use ZOOM on a computer, laptop or phone (the larger the screen, the better!). Ideally, you need a camera on your device (facing you) so we can see your smiling face (and epic dance moves of course!)

Second, We will email you a link to invite you to a zoom meeting titled “please join Zoom, meeting in progress” 5 -10 minutes before your clan begins. You can click on the link to take you straight to the meeting or copy the meeting code and password and enter into your account (if you already have one)

Third, Click on the link and follow the instructions.
(it should be really easy! but let us know if you have any issues.)

Last, Wait 5 minutes before your class time to join the meeting – for example, if your class starts at 4.00pm, join at 3.55pm. Any sooner and it could be similar to when you enter the studio and interupt another session!

Please do check you have your class details with link and password at least 1 hour before class. Teachers are teaching back to back and may not be able to send you the details if their classes have started for the day.


We know it is easy to loose track of what day and time it is, so, make sure you pop your classes into a phone and set as a reminder so you can make class.

Yay! You’re almost ready to dance!

Thank you
Our mission is to make our weekly sessions/classes easily assessable for EVERYONE, so we are asking for class donations to help support this. Anything you can donate (per class) is greatly appreciated and goes directly to our wonderful Starcast Teachers and the Starcast Facilities.

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