Dance Teacher Training

For ages 12+

Dance Leadership and Teaching Qualifications

At Starcast we are proud to provide exceptional training, not just in theatre arts but in creating knowledgeable leaders.

We offer the chance for students or individuals outside of the Starcast umbrella to ignite their true teaching potential through our Level 1, Level 2, Student Teacher Qualifications. Qualifications are Ofqual registered and are governed by SLQ, Sports Leaders UK and the National Association of Teacher of Dancing (NATD).

Dance Leaders Level 1 and Level 2 Teacher Training

The courses are designed to provide outstanding knowledge, understanding and information on how to become the best possible dance teacher. Following a detailed structures, candidates will be able to discover: how to create and devise successful lesson plans, how to create exciting warmups and choreography, communication methods, inclusively practise and much, much more.

We have had 26 successful Dance Leader Qualified graduates,  who are continuing to develop their dance training further or have put their training into practise and now are leading their own sessions within the community.

NATD Student Teacher Training

For our older students looking to learn how to teach dance, we’ve some great news! We’re delighted to introduce our new National Association of Teachers of Dancing student teacher training programme.

Our Student teacher street dance examinations for ages 16+ are designed as an introduction to the professional teaching qualifications, it develops the student’s knowledge and understanding of the genre so that they can assist a qualified teacher.

Training takes 18 months and pupils of Starcast Performing Arts Schools can take this class from year 10.

For more information on how you get enrol to become a dance teacher contact,

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  • Starcast is a professional, friendly, nurturing environment for children, teens and adults to learn and excel in dance, drama and singing. Whether your child wants a career on stage or just to enjoy weekly classes with friends, they will will be given every opportunity to shine. My children and I love attending classes and always have so much fun!

    -Cassandra, Starcast Parent
  • Starcast I want to thank you for all your support of Livi, whilst she may often seem this ball of confidence, she really isn’t, so the way you bring her out of herself and give her belief will give her skills for her whole life, how special and precious that is.

    -Sue, Starcast Parent
  • There are so many wonderful things about Stracast, however my favourite part is definitely Dancing!! I just love that it allows you to express your emotions and never fail to entertain others. All the Starcast teachers and pupils are so friendly, you will soon make many friends. You don’t have to be an outgoing person to enjoy dancing, singing and acting.

    -Morvah, Age 18 - Starcast Student

Class Timetable

  • School Time Location Availability
  • Monday 4:45 pm - 8:00 pm salisbury Full
  • Tuesday 4:15 pm - 6:15 pm salisbury Full
  • Wednesday 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm fordingbridge Spaces Available
  • Thursday 4:15 pm - 6:15 pm salisbury Spaces Available
  • Friday 4:30 pm - 6:45 pm amesbury Spaces Available
  • Friday 3:45 pm - 5:15 pm romsey Spaces Available
  • Saturday (Morning) 10:00 am - 1:00 pm salisbury Spaces Available
  • Saturday (Afternoon) 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm salisbury Spaces Available

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